‘They offered me management, $250,000 salary and 16 employees’: Hispano tells how ‘job offer scam’ works

Dallas, Texas. – have passed Two weeks in search of a jobwhen Francisco Avendagno He was offered an attractive salary of $250,000 a yearAnd the staff under his control and the budget he had to “claim” with a cheque.

Avendaño was excited, however Her instincts prevented her from running out of something else: a large portion of her savings.

“I don’t know how they called me because I don’t remember applying to this companyAvendano said. “I got a message through Teams. I read it and it was someone with a Chinese first and last name.”

it was supposed to Yibo Wen, Human Resources Manager From the Chinese company Country Garden Holdingsdedicated, according to the letter, to construction, residential and commercial developments and one of the 500 most valuable companies in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

“They offered me the general management of a company here in the Statesa new branch in Forney with a salary of $250,000, 16 employees under my supervision and a budget of $350,000 (for an office).”

He had a job interview, but he didn’t think so when assumed company Send her a check to “set up the office.”but the account appears to be from V.V Philadelphia And that it was dedicated to marine products.

In addition, the check was for a different amount than agreed upon for it Purchase all the equipment he needs for the new office.

“The check was not 26,000, but 76,000 dollars. We’re talking about another $50,000Avendano said.

He followed his instincts and instead of going to deposit the check at his bank, he went to PNC, which is the name of the bank that was printed on that check.

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At the bank they told him that this account is fake. Apparently he fell for a job offer scam and never came into contact with Yibo Wen or the Chinese company.

How do job offer scams work?

Cosme Ojeda is the spokesperson The best office work (BBB) ​​explained How does a job offer scam work?

“By depositing the check, the bank is putting up a portion of the available funds because that is what the law says. The victim tells the scammer that they have already deposited them and asks them to buy gift cards and give them the numbers or send money via Zelle or Venmo to buy and ship office equipment. After a few days, the check bounced due to lack of funds and the victim lost his money“.

The BBB says they receive complaints about this type of fraud every day.

How do you protect yourself from so-called job offer scams?

BBB recommends:

  • Check for the company
  • Find the job offer to be real
  • Be careful with jobs that involve receiving and sending money

The BBB also warns that criminals In these types of scams, they use real company namesLike the company mentioned in this report, they use fraud to commit their crimes.

Victims believe they are dealing with a real company Sharing your personal information, your driver’s license number, your Social Security number, This information is used by fraudsters to commit further crimes and steal identities.

If you become aware of any of these scams, you can call and report it to the BBB links.

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