They give space to volunteer firefighters

The mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernandez, and the chief volunteer firefighter of that municipality, Carlos Ward, signed an agreement to transfer the space that will be used for the new facilities of the local historic foundation. It will be on the La Torre property, which is located near the Sarmiento railway tracks.

From the Fire Brigade Foundation they celebrated the event: “In our 70th anniversary year, with the goal of better serving neighbors every day and providing better amenities for our volunteer firefighters, the Foundation President and Community Leader signed the Space Relocation Agreement.”

In addition, they explained in detail: “In this place, we will build, in invaluable cooperation with the neighbors, the new Francisco Alvarez 1 detachment, which will be equipped with a modern and efficient design.” They added: “We highlight the mayor’s willingness to respond to our request, as she has been doing since the beginning of her administration with her hardworking team.”

For his part, Fernandez noted on social media: “The new location will allow them to provide better service and quick response in emergency care to our neighbors.”

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