They found 16 missing people safe and sound on a “spiritual retreat” in the Venezuelan Andes.

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Officers used drones and dogs in the search.

Venezuelan authorities said on Thursday that 16 people who had gone missing after attending a religious event in Venezuela’s Andes mountains had been found “in perfect health”.

“After about 10 days of searching the mountain area, 16 people were found in perfect health (…) and said they were praying spiritually,” Tachira’s governor Freddy Bernal tweeted. A state bordering Colombia in western Venezuela.

Among the other minors, the group, which included a days-old girl, was missing From August 22When they left the town of La Grita in Tachira and went to the mountain region of the Andes.

Relatives of the 16-member group had no news of them until this Thursday.

On Tuesday, Tachira state officials were recruited Drones and dogs In a mountain area around the town of La Gritta, he tried to locate the group.

Mayor Freddy Bernal explained that the discovery was made in an area called Paramo La Negra, between La Grita and the city of Dover in the state of Mérida.

Douglas Ricco, director of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Force (CICPC), posted photos on social media of the agency’s officers with 16 wanted people, including a woman with a baby in her arms. .

“The missing family group was found safe and sound in Tachira,” the official commented on the social network.

Tachirence Portal NationIt was reported this week that a 57-year-old religious woman urged the missing to follow her with God or the Virgin on a mountain in the hills of Juan Pablo Peñalosa National Park, between Tachira and the state. Merida.

But Venezuelan officials did not immediately provide more details about what happened.

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