They find the body of the missing hostess the world

ATHENS – The body of British TV presenter Michael Mosley, who was believed to be missing, was found on a Greek island this morning, police said. A private boat found the body on a rocky shore and official identification is still pending, a police spokesman said on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still open.

Mosley went missing after going for a walk on the small island of Simi in the eastern Aegean on Wednesday afternoon.

The island's mayor, Lefteris Papakalodoukas, told The Associated Press that he was on a boat with reporters when he found a body about 20 meters off the coast of Agia Marina. “We focused the cameras and saw that it was him.”

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The Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Criminal Investigation (SAIC) Missing Persons Coordinator announced on Monday…

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Thirteen workers died and 16 are still missing after a stone quarry collapsed in northeast India on Tuesday.

The mayor said the body fell down a steep slope and hit a fence, face down with some rocks above. The body was carrying a leather bag in one hand, said Antonis Mystiloglou, a cameraman for state television ERT who was on the boat.

Mosley is best known in the United Kingdom for her regular appearances on television and radio, and for her column in the Daily Mail newspaper, and for her 2013 book, “The Fast Diet”, which she co-authored with journalist Mimi Spencer. The “5:2 Diet” suggests how people can lose weight quickly by cutting calories two days a week and eating healthy on the other five.

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Later he directed a program to lose weight quickly and made several documentaries about diet and exercise.

Mosley often pushed his body to extremes to see the results of his diets.

Moseley had four children with his wife Clare Bailey Moseley, a physician, author and health columnist.

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