They find a hidden layer in the center of the earth

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Researchers ANU (Australian National University) Thousands of numerical samples have been confirmed with monitoring a “Inherent Core” In the depths of the earth. The primary author and researcher of the study John Stephenson, Although this new layer is difficult to observe, its unique properties suggest that it may point to a dramatic and unknown event in history. Earth.

“We have found evidence of a change in the structure of the iron, which represents two separate cooling events in the history of the Earth,” Stephenson said in a statement.

“The details of this great event are a little more mysterious, but we have added another part to the puzzle The inner center of the earth“.

Stephenson argues that exploring the structure of the inner center will help us to understand more about the Earth’s history and evolution.

“Traditionally we have been taught that the earth has four main layers: crust, mantle, Outer core and inner core. The idea of ​​a different layer was proposed a few decades ago, but the data are not very clear.

“We solved this using a very intelligent search algorithm to crawl thousands of samples of the inner center. This is so exciting, it also means rewriting the textbooks!

Research has been published Geophysical Research Journal: Solid Earth.

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