They explode against the Marchesin after making a new mistake

Agustín Marchesin was both the hero and the villain in the Zelda vs Sevilla match: his performance did not go unnoticed by American fans.

Marche continues in Spain at its irregular pace.
© Good picturesMarche continues in Spain at its irregular pace.

Guillermo Ochoa’s Departure and The I like that Augustine Marchesin returned to America This created a lot of controversy among Cream Blue fans. Some are in favor of him giving back everything he gave to the Argentine establishment, but others disagree with the level he showed with Celta de Vigo.

Marche recently revealed that Leaving Porto Gave a heavy blowHe was left out of Argentina’s squad for the World Cup in Qatar.

As a result of this and other personal issues, the 34-year-old goalkeeper is having a tough time at the professional level. He’s a starter with Zelda, but Hectares He made more mistakes What beats That makes it doubtful that it will be a solution for the Eagles.

In their return to LaLiga after the World Cup, the Celtistas host Sevilla on Matchday 15. A first-half goal by Capri Vega put Los Senestes on the scoreboard. A little later, the Marchesin He made great saves with his legsBut he contributed in the penalty area, which resulted in a goal for the Sevillians.

Kaik Salas finished with a header from a corner kick. As Augustin was in good shape, the shot didn’t seem like much of a problem. Argentina only managed to find the ball, but that was it Got to the bottom of the networksThis brought him a lot of criticism.

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