They exchange a thousand dangerous prisoners and leaders

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Some 1,000 Members Gangs And Gangs were transferred from various prisons, the move aimed at rehabilitating Regulation of the prison system After many deadly fights.

Teams Public Order Military Police (PMOP) are responsible for taking action from Tamara Jail up to The Hopper Inside Morosely And inside call, Santa Barbara, and vice versa. Some prisoners will be sent to prison Syria In future.

“From Prison”hole”, based in Ilama, Santa Barbara, where 802 prisoners were extracted, transferred and transferred to “La Tolva” located in Morocele, El Paraíso.

826 prisoners were extracted from “La Tolva” and transferred to “El Bozo”, a total of 1,628.

Armed forces officials did not disclose the exact amount Freedom was taken away mobilized From one place to another, but they only said that 18th Neighborhood Gang were changed Eight hundred.

“The 802 most dangerous prisoners from the 18th gang were transferred from the ‘El Boso’ prison center in Ilama, Santa Barbara, to La Tolva in Morozeli, El Paraiso,” the armed forces posted on social media.

“The Military Police Freedom creates the exchange of the deprived. “Without rest, we must dismantle the schools of organized crime and restore control and security of the penal centers,” the justice minister wrote on Twitter. Protection, Jose Manuel Zelaya.

Within the framework ofOperation Faith and Hope”, according to the authorities, these actions were carried out in accordance with the human rights of persons deprived of their liberty.

During the development of the operation, there was the presence and supervision of the High Command to verify that operations were carried out in accordance with the law.

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