They enter the house of La Diosa de Cuba

Singer Dianelis Alfonso Cardio, also known as La Diosa de Cuba, has denounced two thieves who broke into his home to steal his Instagram account.

The artist had installed a surveillance camera on the portal of his house, which clearly captured the entrance of a man who had taken two armchairs from the portal.

“Last night two madmen entered my portal and finished recording. There is already a prisoner. Young boys, how are people, what a horror,” Reckton said.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, a young man is seen wearing a mask and hat as he jumps over a small wall bordering the house. Upon entering, the thief grabbed two armchairs and crossed the sidewalk.

In a later release, La Dioza shared a picture of himself on the beach in which he is happy and quiet with his puppy.

“Everything is fine, Yemai says. I trust her. I can’t even imagine that I will cross her seas and go to so many places,” he wrote.

The singer made a live exchange on her Facebook wall last November His new home, he planned to move with his family very soon.

In the video, La Diosa promises that buying his home was the result of a lot of effort.

“If I had achieved this, it would have struggled a little bit,” he said.

Dianelis showed the large garden around the whole house and the large entrance portal, enough space for her dogs to play and run freely, and even small houses for the animals.

“This is where I come to the portal and the garden, because they paint inside, they put cracks and those things, but I always wanted to share with you who are with me.”

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