They disfigure Raul Araiza’s face during the entire broadcast of the ‘Hoi’ show.

Mexican driver, Roll rice He is one of the most popular presenters on Hispanic television, and his fans promise that every morning he sends a good vibe on the television show “Hoi”, and he was able to create a good match. Andrea Legretta And Galileo Montejo.

Over the years, Television Morning has become one of the favorite and most successful on the small screen in Mexico. When it aired this Wednesday, December 1st, ‘El Negro’ was treated with beauty and finished with a disfigured face.

In one of the program sections, Dr. Karen Carrillo, He specializes in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine, treating the face of Raoul Araiza. However, the 57-year-old actor was surprised and very worried about the outcome.

The expert explained that this practice is called ‘NCTF Revitalization’. Then, using the micronate, he injected vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and coenzymes into dark circles. This is to strengthen the skin and reduce the appearance of lines. Immediately, small tumors began to form.

“Hey, but I have some chicks, right? Is that normal? Today I’m going to host a Pantamax Awards like this, no Singh”, “El Negro” looked shocked.

Draw that it is completely normal, because they are “product deposits”. Clarified. He noted that the swelling had disappeared in 40 minutes, which caused surprise on the faces of Ral Arisa and the smiles of Galileo Montezo and Paul Stanley.

In fact, the hit morning show Marco ‘El Gallo’ Viloria made fun of ‘El Negro’: “You will be so beautiful for the Christmas party”. Later, the specialist performed the same procedure on the driver’s neck, explaining that this was a very effective French treatment.

Galileo Montezo asked the expert if he could put the ice in, as it was more than 40 minutes when the other eye cup was injected. His answer was a resounding yes: “Would you buy him a kilo?”

“For men it’s cool because we can do things without making them look bad, I understand … this cichlid thing has got me out of the ring, they’re gone, right?”Araisa asked again with that worried face. “They’ll be gone in half an hour, otherwise talk to me,” Dr. Karen Carrillo replied.

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