They discovered the mathematical rule ‘hidden’ in sand waves all over the earth


13 ene 2022 14:23 GMT

Researchers hope that their discovery will help explain the formation of some mysterious sand ripples recently observed on Mars in the future.

After analyzing a large sample of megawave fields around the Earth, an intermediate team of scientists has found evidence for a ‘hidden’ mathematical law in sand waves. Reported University of Leipzig in Germany.

Mega waves are ripples of sand between normal beach waves (centimeters) and dunes (10 to 100 meters). They are found on Earth and on Mars. In terms of its composition, it has a unique combination of coarse and fine grains. “It’s always the same, but it’s not always the same because of the turbulent winds,” explained Glass-Titer Croy, a professor at the University of Leipzig, one of the study’s authors.

Creative published in the magazine Natural communication, By dividing the diameter of the coarse grains in the mixture by the smallest diameter, a number never seen before in decades of research can always be obtained.

This number can be used to more reliably determine the type of sand waves detected and to know the grain transport process they generate.

The researchers also hope that their discovery will help to better explain the future formation of some new and mysterious sand ripples recently found on Mars or in fossils and distant places.

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