They denounce that in Neuquén there is no space for the rehabilitation of women with problematic substance use

Viviana Salafia, mother of a patient with addictions, assures that in the Province of Neuquén there is no space of containment for women who are going through addiction situations. There are open communities but no hospitalizations, nor support for treatment.

“Neuquén does not have an inpatient space for acute or serious patients with problematic consumption, for women. It only has that space for men. This is a historical problem ”. The complainant added that last year in Río Negro the first hospitalization for women experiencing an addiction situation was inaugurated, “in Pomona it would be the closest we have to the city of Neuquén.”

Regarding the illness suffered by her daughter, Viviana Salafia explained that “she underwent several outpatient treatments, and there was no case. They failed during the years that she tried to recover. ” In this context, he added that the young woman had a hospitalization, in an attempt to detoxify, “but the problem was that since we do not have beds for women, we have to look for a borrowed bed, which always comes from Mental Health”, within the Castro Rendón Hospital.

By not having the adequate containment space, Salafia explained that when women are discharged after detoxification, they do not continue with the corresponding monitoring, something that does happen with men. “In Arroyito there is a closed community for men, which allows them to carry out these rehabilitations in another way.”

“He has been at the Castro Rendón Hospital for four days. Has a problem of polydrug use. Lately, in one of the last relapses, the consumption worsened much more. The last thing she could do, when she asked for help, was tell that she had started using paco. That’s when he got desperate, he started looking for help. She asked that we intern her, that she couldn’t stand it alone; that he could no longer maintain the voluntary treatment he had started. I was very scared and desperate because I thought I was not going to get out of it. She is in a total state of vulnerability, and has led her to be in a street situation and other very violent scenarios ”.

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