They criticize Angela Aguilar for her bad attitude towards an elderly man

Recently popular Singer Mexican Angela Aguilar A Bad attitude An elderly woman and some called her “arrogant.”

It is noteworthy that this action was recorded on video and spread fast on various social websites as expected.

Angela Aguilar is undoubtedly a talented and educated singer, however, who may show a viral video on Dictok. Pepe Aguilar He does not know much about good behavior

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The video shows a soft black buck, the star of Los Premios Low Neustro 2022, approaching the glass door with the young girl with her father.

Thus, she is about to reach the door, expecting Angela Aguilar, an elderly man who probably works in the room where the video takes place, to open the door.

However, despite the heroic act, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter did not thank the old man and did not dare to exchange a glimpse with him, as she frantically turned in a different direction as she continued to progress with her pet.

Angela Aguilar: Fans call her “arrogant” because of her bad attitude.

However, the behavior of Angela Aguilar, some users TikTok He was described as “arrogant” and “aloof” and changed as the numbers increased as he began to laugh as he usually does in interviews.

In the comments to the controversial video, some said they were disappointed by Angela Aguilar’s behavior, while others blamed her parents for certainly not teaching the young woman good manners and not allowing her to gain the reputation she already had.

Click Here Watch Angela’s video.

It is true that some people think that “bad behavior” is genetic, but he did not stop to thank the adults this time because Pepe Aguilar has also acted in similar scenes.

For his part, there are also fans of Angela Aguilar who say he may be distracted by conversation without even noticing his behavior with the elderly or say it was a bad day for him.

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