They condemn the starvation of foreigners imprisoned in Venezuela: “They get three tablespoons per person”

The crisis in Venezuela’s prisons (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez/File)

The Venezuela Prison Observatory (OVP) condemned the detention of prisoners in a prison in the state of Julia (West) this Wednesday, most of them Foreign, are hungry And they get enough and “bad” food items.

According to the NGO’s statement, “Winnie Mandela at the New Man Training Center”, are currently available 120 prisoners -More than 70 of them are Colombians or other nationalities-, “The food ration they receive is three tablespoons per person And this, obviously, does not favor them”.

Based on this reality, the text continues, Imprisoned Venezuelans help foreignersThey share some food with their visitors who manage to get into the prison.

“Inside the prison,” the inmates protested.A business with food” that guardians manage and always force family members to pay in dollars to enter food, according to OVP.

“They give us three spoons of beans or some kind of salad with rice, tapioca or poppy seeds, an areba with no filling or grated beets, but the food is very poor,” one of the prisoners was quoted as saying. In the letter, his identity was kept anonymous.

Also, the inmates said they are responsible for prison security They charge in dollars To allow entry of conjugal visits, phone calls or medication.

Last July, the OVP condemned the sanitary and infrastructural conditions of prison centers in Venezuela “Dangerous“And, moreover, there is”A serious eating disorder”, especially since 2018, when they started recording deaths from malnutrition and tuberculosis.

(with information from EFE)

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