They condemn a video in Havana in which a man armed with sticks allegedly dressed as a “civilian”

(CNN Espasol) – In the midst of the tension in Cuba, a new video emerges showing several buses lined up in Havana, usually mobilized by the government and only a group of people carrying sticks while walking near vehicles.

CNN’s unconfirmed images of its exact date will appear as the island experiences tensions over protests in support of and in support of President Miguel Diaz-Colonel’s government.

Report that the police shot and took her husband away 3:52

CNN has previously seen situations that appear to be similar operations on the ground.

In that video, which has gone viral, one hears assurances that people actually get on buses are not ordinary citizens. Although the men in the video are dressed in public, the man says, “They’re all cops.” CNN could not verify this request.

The assaulted priest in Cuba describes his arrest 2:38

“Look at the size of the bats’ tails they bring, stick to the trunks, the big stick in their hand to hit hard, yes, then they say it’s the city, they brought it in a cuckoo (bus) to hit it. Then they say it’s a city that gave a blow. ”

This video, which lasts more than 2 minutes, does not show what happens before or after the buses arrive. If there is any conflict after the team arrives at the place.

Many international media outlets have shared pictures and testimonies of alleged mobilization of people associated with the government carrying the sticks. They cite that events took place in Havana and Gamage. The media covering what was happening in Cuba, including CNN, was able to observe this on other occasions, and it was about quick response measures to disperse anti-government protests.

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Protests took place in various parts of Cuba on Sunday. As of this Wednesday, more than 150 detainees are still missing, according to Human Rights Watch and the Cubelex Center for Human Rights, with more than 150 detainees at an unknown location.

Videos on social networks condemn the abuse in Cuba 3:41

President Miguel Diaz-Colonel said Wednesday: “There are dozens of injuries, the exact number of which cannot be specified at this time.

The report was co-authored by Juan Carlos Boss and Patrick Opman.

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