They catch Cicardo with the influential Caitlin Chase; Cohen reacts

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Javier “Ciccarido” Hernandez, Forward LA Galaxy, Captured next Caitlin Chase, An American influence, a scene that led his passionate ex-partner Sarah Cohen to post a mysterious message on her social networks.

For a few weeks now, a rumor has been circulating Javier was in a relationship with Chase, A young woman with a special interest in fashion issues, one that grows after both appear Together at a Los Angeles restaurant.

On the show Be fat and lean It was even mentioned that Stryker had just filed for divorce from the mother of her two children.

‘S emotional life Javier “Ciccarido” Hernandez This is a topic that has generated a special interest since its inception LA Galaxy, So the media follows every step he takes.

What did Sarah Cohen say?

Australian, who It is located in California, He wrote the following message hours later on his social networks:

‚ÄúSometimes people I do not understand the promises they make By the time they are created … well, of course. But you keep your promise anyway. That is what love is. Love is waiting for the promise anyway“.

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