They canceled Jon Snow-centric “Game of Thrones” sequel: “We didn't find the right story”

The sequel that Kit Harington was developing failed to find a solid story

The long-awaited “Game of Thrones” spin-off was in focus Jon Snow As confirmed by the actor, it is no longer in development Kit Harington In a recent interview with ScreenRant. The project, which has generated huge anticipation since it was announced in June 2022 by Kidd, promises to mark the actor's return to the most important role of his career, which also earned him two Emmy nominations.

George R.R. Martin, the author of the novels based on “Game of Thrones,” previously confirmed in a post on his blog that it was Harington who proposed the spin-off idea. The actor has brought in his own writers and showrunners to produce the series, though their names have not been made public yet. “Kit brought them and they're great”Martin promised.

However, as Harington revealed to ScreenRant, the creative team faced difficulties in finding the right story, which ultimately led to the decision not to continue development of the project. “I don't want to leak that it's in development. We don't want people to start theorizing, get excited or hate it, when it never happens,” Harrington explained of his previous silence.

“We decided to put the tools down for now. We may come back in the future, but for now, no. It's firmly on the shelf,” Kit Harington said of the long-awaited sequel to “Game of Thrones.”

For now, many fans have speculated that the project will follow the adventures of Jon Snow, his exile from Westeros and his new life “beyond the wall” with his direwolf ghost and the wildlings. However, Harrington hasn't ruled out resuming it in the future.

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“Right now, no. Right now, it's off the table because we couldn't find the right story to tell that we were all excited about. So We decided to put the tools down this time. We may return to it in the future, but not for now. It's definitely on the shelf.”.

interesting, Liam Cunninghamwho played Sir Davos Seaworth In the original series, he expressed interest in reprising his role for the spin-off, reaching out to Harington in hopes of being a part of the project. “I sent him [Kit] A text message: 'Better call Davos'. They didn't answer me. You probably know more than I do. I wish the best of luck to those involved, and if the check is big enough, it might pop up again!” said Liam, referring to one of the most popular spin-offs of recent years: Better call Saul.

Game of Thrones continues to expand its universe within TV CULTURE HBO

Despite the spin-off's cancellation, the expansion of the “Game of Thrones” universe continues on HBO and its streaming service Max. “The House of the Dragon” is in production for its second season this summer, and “The Night of the Seven Kingdoms: Night Errant” has begun production. This latest spin-off, based on the characters Ser Duncan the Doll and his Squire Egg from Martin's “Tales of Dunk and Egg” books, recently announced Peter Claffey and Dexter Sol Ansell as part of its main cast, playing Dunk and Egg respectively. .

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