They came like robbers, they are like our miners. Trump does not follow any rules

Trump supporters destroyed Congress like a gang of criminals and remained loyal to the White House leader until his death. Ex-servicemen, section followers or those with very low schooling. It’s about the profile of Donald Trump supporters. Aurora Leisanu commented on the DG24 events in the United States.

Aurora Leesanu, psychologist and author: What fascinates us extraordinarily is the aspect of carnage, which takes on demonstrations and discontent – let’s say popularly – because they still come from the people, the people who live there.

It was also seen in France, there were shoplifting and many more that had not happened much before.

This shows us that the level of culture and civilization among these protesters is very low and their behavior is far from any democratic, civilized opposition.

On the other hand, I think it’s also about the terrible polarization of communities. In our country and elsewhere in the United States there is a conflict between the political class and the people.

The truth is, Donald Trump is a president – no matter how modest his predecessors – as a role model. I mean, he took this horrible pattern. He himself is a person who does not fit into any rule, I think this is what people want, he is associated with the idea of ​​freedom. I wonder where his image comes from.

If we think they came like robbers, they will be like our miners.

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If there is only one, I can say that it is borderline, pathological and normal, but when everyone rushes this way, the problem of crowd arises. This is completely different.

Nothing is taken into account anymore. The test is to rewrite history. Rewriting history in today’s terms is something that cannot be done because it is something else. If we think about it, Lincoln – that’s true, he’s a hero to Americans – but he married a woman who was the daughter of a man who had slaves. So the past cannot be reconciled with the present.

We need to see what has changed, we need to see with today’s eyes, not face the past with today’s eyes because it is not one.

There has never been such a reaction from those who have to come and those who have to leave.

This has not happened in our country, but in a political sense, we have seen many instances where you do not want to leave. Or, it’s a very bad sign, which means you do not respect the law, but a law is a law.

The disorder is found elsewhere in the United States. Probably in Europe, in less insane ways like them.

Even this extraordinary exhibition … you dress like a shaman … so you go on time with the shamans … the shamans have nothing against anyone, but they represent a part of society, not the whole of America. The whole of America does not trust shamans.

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