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A call for forgiveness to the group Yahritza y Su Esencia Done by Andrés Manuel López ObradorMexico’s president did not resonate with a significant portion of those who attended the Cry of Independence ceremony. They yelled at the youth in their presentation.

to Same during Are festivalThe Martinez brothers divided opinion among those in attendance, as this was not a general rejection. Yes, many appeared in it vs Snort and shout “Out, out!”This led organizers to turn up the speakers’ volume to try to calm things down.

Invited by the president of the country, they had a brief participation in the celebrations for the 213th anniversary of the beginning of the independence of Mexico, and although they tried to do it in a more professional way, They failed to penetrate the tastes of the participants.

Even a performance of one of his biggest hits, “Frágil”, heard in the media could not quell a rejection that appeared in some. Criticisms of Mexican foodA regular addition to Mexico City.

They thanked AMLO

Despite the bad times they’ve been through, Yahritza and his brothers Armando and Jairo They were thankful for the opportunity to participate in the grand event Held in the nation’s capital.

“Mr. for inviting us here tonight. Thanks to President AMLO. Thank you very much, it is appreciated and it is an honor to be here before you tonight. Long live the flag!Thank you very much. And long live Mexico, of course!”.

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