They attacked reggaeton player Oniel Pepeshito during a concert in Santa Clara.

Cuban deliveryman Oniel Bebeshito He was attacked during a concert he gave in Santa Clara on Thursday night.

According to the artist, in a direct message on his social networks, a person went on stage and began to fight with the security of the event and several friends who were in public. They started throwing bottles and chairs.

“The biggest madness in Villa Clara is a pile of beauties,” the singer said directly from the police station he was transferred to after the incident.

Pepeshido explained that the people who started the occupation told the police that they had been attacked, and that a member of the artist team had provoked one of them, and they all ended up at the station.

“There are videos, I didn’t upload them, you can see that they are,” said the interpreter of “Pile of Parts” and “To Everyone”.

The artist let it be known that he was fine, but that was it Four or five of his crew were injured.

At full time, a police officer told him that he could not continue filming, to which he replied that he was doing it directly for his own safety so that all his followers would know what was happening and how it happened.

“I’m an artist, if something like this happens to me, people will know what’s going on. Gentleman, share this directly,” the singer said.

In addition to the injured Pepeshido team members, one of them with a head injury, videos show people throwing chairs and smashing musical instruments.

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