They attack the ark for “sexual” expressions against women

The mayor of the urban genre, Arkhangelsk, published sexual expressions through his social networks, in which he criticized women for dressing up and accusing them of provoking them to “get options”.

Through a story on Instagram, Arkhangelsk wrote: “You should be respected as a woman, Pla Pla Pla, but you teach sh ** on networks for those you like. Behaving women distinguish themselves, they are listed as ladies”.

Arkhangelsk’s revelations angered his supporters, who took to Twitter to denounce Puerto Rican’s words.

Following that, Brazilian singer Anita released a message in which she denounces this type of expression, although she does not mention Recton directly.

“This is me, showing my ** on my Instagram. Now a special question for Women’s Day yesterday … You can use women’s asses in your videos and put explicit lyrics to get views, but at the same time aren’t women the ones who show their own help on their social networks? I’m confused, “said Anita.

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Later, Arkhangelsk released a video in which he apologized for some of the women’s expressions, and pointed out that “he did not refer to all women.” These revelations made him even more outraged that he had only apologized to a few women.

For his part, although it was his dream to cooperate with Argentine President Kazu, he would not do so because of these revelations, in which he expressed great anger.

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