They asked the International Criminal Court to bring justice to the crimes against humanity committed in Venezuela

A report was released in June stating that there was a reasonable basis for believing that crimes had taken place in the country under the authority of the agency (Photo: EFE)

Several Venezuelan human rights activists asked Kareem Khan, a lawyer at the International Criminal Court (ICC), this Friday. The crimes against humanity that took place in the country “must be given justice” and the rule of Nicolas Maduro was blamed.

The request was made at a meeting Many of the mothers of the protesters were killed in the protests and relatives of the civilians were classified as “political prisoners”. According to a press release issued by the opposition.

“They already are Seven years after my daughter was illegally executed, 24 soldiers took part in it Only two Venezuelans were interrogated, ”confirmed Rosa Orosco, Geraldine Moreno’s mother, who died during the 2014 protests.

Moreno urged the ICC prosecutor “That justice must be done to all mothers who have lost their children because of the Maduro regime.”

In addition, she said, for her, It’s a “tragedy” and it forces her to “bear” Not only the loss of his daughter, “Lack of justice.”

Defenders and the Center for Justice (CDJ) noted "In July, the highest number of attacks and security incidents against the right to protect human rights was documented by 2021.".  EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez / Archive
The Center for Defenders and Justice (CDJ) points out that “in July, the maximum number of attacks and security incidents against the right to protect human rights were recorded by 2021”. EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez / Archive

Carmen Bracho, the mother of young Miguel Castillo, who died in Caracas during the 2017 protests, also took part.Being a victim of human rights violations in Venezuela is like not talking, Because no one attends, no one is competent and can only be heard through the international justice system. ”

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All of the victims and relatives of the prisoners Agreed that international organizations should “intervene” So the perpetrators will be punished for the crimes they condemn, the information added.

“I ask that lawyer Kareem Khan be put in our shoes as daughters, mothers or wives.“It’s not easy, we do not even see the lights on the road when the fight is over.

On June 15, The ICC Attorney’s Office has issued a statement saying that “crimes within the jurisdiction of the court” have “reasonable grounds” to believe that they took place in Venezuela., At least, since 2017.

Document It was presented on the day former lawyer Fato Benzouda finished his work.

President of the Supreme Court of Venezuela (TSJ), Michael Moreno dismissed the ICC prosecutor’s office speech And called the results “untrue subjective assessments.”

(With information from EFE)


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