They ask Rijo Prespot to respond to the 124.31% increase in the pay of the Social Policy Cabinet

Frank Elias Olivares, the former executive director of the Republican vice presidency during the administration of Margarita Sedeno, also denied reports by budget director Jose Rijo Prespot that he was paid irregularly in social programs during the previous government.

Through his Twitter account, the former official pointed out that a response was needed from the budget director The increase in wages of the Social Policy Coordinating Cabinet (GCPS) and Supérate confirms that they have increased by 124.31% and 35.7%, respectively.

According to Olivers, the pay of the Cabinet of Social Policy increased from RD $ 10,963,027.79 in July 2020 to RD $ 24,530,584.40 in December 2021.

Supérate RD in July 2020 went from $ 72,998,320.51 to RD $ 99,055,734.74 in September last year because they did not release the most recent one.

Olivers, a member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), questioned whether “this is what Jose Rizzo needs an answer from Prespot”.


In an interview with the SIN Group, current budget director Jose Rijo Prespot accused former Republican Vice President Margarita Sedeno of having “irregular pay” in social programs.

Cedeño responded immediately to the allegations, saying there was no malpractice in the work and that he was always “extremely transparent, adhering to the law and ethics that apply to me, and trusting the support and approval of international organizations.”

He assured that there would be no dual operations or fees for any person and that the present authorities have changed another payment system.

“I am very sorry that Professor Rijo Prespot is being untrue in his statements. The UNDP itself has already responded to him on this issue, but the order of this government is to attack the good in order to rule with the bad. Not with me! ”, The last vice president insisted.

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