They are planning new transportation routes to connect SDO-Eastern municipalities

Santo Domingo, R.D.

President Louis Abinader announced this Saturday morning that construction had begun on the “Los Algarisos” department and other urban movement projects.

The president promised that in the first months of his administration they would begin to modernize the municipality of Los Algiers, which has historically fallen victim to marginalization due in part to access.

It is estimated that more than 2,000 million pesos will be invested in cable car and ring road construction.

According to his report, the planning phase, the metro expansion to the city, will begin this year, he said. Work to help improve the living standards of 500,000 citizens.

Metro and urban movement

Abinader said they have already begun with the expansion of Metro Line 2 in Greater Santo Domingo and the purchase and integration of new wagons will double their current capacity.

He revealed that they plan to connect a new intersection mass transit axis that will allow west-eastern municipalities to connect, 9 kilometers from Lucerne, known as Plaza de la Bandera, and Boca Sica until the entire Avenue passes through 27D Faberro

The project will be carried out through public-private partnership.

“Through a comprehensive program we are working on, drivers of old Congo cars will be linked to new transportation companies, which will only go from 14 hours of work to 8 hours, with a good salary and social security for themselves and their families,” the president said.

He recalled that the transition began with personal movement in Congo cars, unusually modern buses, higher capacity and quality, integrated fare systems and access for the disabled.

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According to their reports, this change is taking place in dialogue and hand in hand with the unions.

He reiterated that in just six months they have already implemented a change in the movement model by implementing the Corridor Nice de Cosseres.

“In a complementary way, with the parquet RD we have already provided, public parking will be built next to the public transport network to clear our saturated roads. Here we will open up private investment,” the ruler replied.


In presenting his first accounts, Louis Abinader, in Santiago de los Caballeros, they will create the first public transport axis that will cross the urban center, connecting the 2 major terminals, so that interburban traffic will not have access to vehicular traffic centers.


He promised the Dominican people that every city across the national border would be transformed, which would lead them to a new kind of sustainable movement and guarantee an urban transport system that respects the environment and improves the quality of life of citizens.

He stressed that the country needs structural reforms that will strengthen the strength and transparency of our democratic institutions, in addition to material works.

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