They are demanding detention from Odibrekt Fujimori

(CNN Espasol) – Attorney Jose Domingo Perez, chairman of the Special Committee on Corruption Allegations in Odebrecht, asked a judge to rescind the summons. Keiko Fujimori, According to a letter from Fursa Popular’s presidential candidate and a lawyer with access to CNN, who is being remanded in custody.

According to the five-page summary, Fujimori alleges that Fujimori violated the rules of conduct imposed by the court, which ordered his release when he met witness Miguel Angel Torres Morales. The Antian Agency was the first to report this claim from a lawyer.

Keiko Fujimori responded to a request for preventive detention 5:40

According to the prosecutor’s office, Fujimori contacted Torres Morales at a press conference on June 9, in which he (the letter identifies himself as “the accused”) presented the witness as a lawyer and the political spokesman for the Fursa Popular Party. Evidence in the letter is a picture of a press conference in which Torres Morales sits with a third person next to Fujimori. The judge must decide whether to accept this request from the attorney.

Fujimori called the request to return to prison “absurd.”

“At the beginning of this campaign it was requested to suspend the competition, it did not progress. At the end of the first round, the indictment was made in advance. In the second round, there were distorted leaks, but now, what we hear and read in the news today is already greater than any previous attempt,” he said in Lima. Said at the press conference.

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He later added: “Today the government is making a request to Perez to change the look I have had for more than a year, but to make a request for detention, but most absurd of all is the reason he is demanding this change. Mr. He said he realized yesterday that Mickey Torres was supporting the campaign.

Castillo responds to Fujimori allegations 4:09

Torres was at a press conference with Fujimori and participated publicly in the entire Fursa popular campaign.

Her lawyer, Giuliana Loza, said there was “no legal and factual basis” for the claim. Torres added that “there is a witness in this case, which is not something that has a minimal relationship with those people or the fact that the simulated contributors were questioned.” “Therefore, Ms. Fujimori did not violate any code of conduct.”

For his part, Torres Morales told CNN that the prosecutor’s office had summoned him “at any time” as a witness to allegations of misconduct. He said he collaborated as a witness on “completely and utterly different” issues. He called the lawyer’s request “crazy.”

The prosecution sums up “Defendant Fujimori Higuchi is aware that Miguel Angel Torres Morales is a witness on behalf of the prosecutor’s office because he is presented with such ability in prosecution,” Fujimori was notified on June 4. . The attorney general’s office added, “Torres Morales received his report on September 3, 2020, according to the testimony record of that date, in which Giuliana Losa Avalos participated as a defense attorney for defendant Fujimori Higuchi.”

Fujimori was released from prison for the second time in five months in May 2020 under certain conditions, including a ban on contact with co-defendants or witnesses in the case.

(Credit: Ernesto Benavitz / AFP / Getty Images)

In March of this year, the prosecutor’s office sentenced him to 30 years in prison for organized crime, money laundering, obstruction of justice and misrepresentation in administrative proceedings. A trial is still pending to determine whether he is guilty or innocent.

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Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, has been under investigation by the Peruvian Attorney General’s Office since 2018. It is alleged that the company received contributions for the presidential campaign in the framework of the Odebrecht case. The candidate has always denied those allegations and confirmed his innocence.

When will the final results be known in Peru? 0:48

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