These are unnecessary expenses that Bill Gates never wanted to pay

In an interview with the program “How Success Happens,” Mark Randolph, a friend of Bill Gates, revealed the reasons for the millionaire’s refusal to pay for this service.

Randolph revealed in Entrepeneur Magazine’s “How Success Happens” podcast that during his time as CEO of Netflix, He had the opportunity to meet many other successful entrepreneurs, with whom he was able to talk about lifestyle habits, including philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

Mark said Gates once explained this to him early in his life Make a decision to never buy first class tickets On planes Because “there was not a good relationship between cost and benefit.”

For a businessman, all passengers will arrive at the destination on the same plane and at the same travel time. Therefore, he saw no sense in paying for a more expensive ticket if it wasn’t going to bring him a truly usable benefit, like getting there faster for example.

This should be emphasized Bill Gates is the sixth richest person on the planet in 2023, Many will wonder how paying more for a ticket could affect them.

However, the mindset that Gates and Randolph applied and tried to explain sees wealth not as a means of obtaining luxuries, but as something more practical. “What is wealth, after all? In addition to providing security, it also provides flexibility. Mark explained.

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“After all the experiences I’ve had founding Netflix and investing in so many great companies, the most important thing I’ve learned about money is that, Once you have enough, you can choose to have less, but in exchange for choosing how to spend your time. And dedicate your time to doing something that is meaningful to you…it is worth much more than a Maserati.

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