These are the two most luxurious airports in the United States and are also among the top 20 airports in the world

New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport is ranked as the most luxurious in the United States. (EFE/Justin Lin)

he John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York It is distinguished as the most luxurious United State It ranks eleventh in the world in terms of well-being, in a recent study it conducted All travel insurance is clear.

This airport was distinguished by a huge number of passengers VIP roomsA total of 22 and 16 assorted Luxury stores. With an overall luxury score of 48 out of 100, john f. Kennedy It outperforms other US airports in terms of luxury offerings. And he follows him Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)Which also ranked 16th globally.

The study, conducted in February 2024, evaluated more than 1,800 international airports, based on criteria such as the number of lounges available, and the presence of… Designer stores And proximity to it Hotels of four And five stars. Moreover, existence was taken Champagne bars And Caviar houseselements that are considered essential for Luxury travel experience.

Los Angeles International Airport is the second most luxurious airport in the United States and ranked 16th globally. (Archives)

Although it John Kennedy. to New York lead in United StateWorldwide it was behind Dubai International Airport (DXB)which occupies first place with a score of 83 out of 100, closely followed by Heathrow Airport in London, United kingdomHe highlighted the gate with 82 points Travel + entertainment.

This assessment, which examined more than 1,800 airports and ultimately focused attention on 69 of them, was based on various factors such as the number of airports. Passenger lounges, Designer stores And Four and five star hotels nearby. Among the most luxurious hotels in the world Dubai international airport It was placed at the top, and followed closely behind Heathrow Airport in London And the Doha International Airport in The State of Qatar.

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According to All Clear Travel Insurance, Dubai international airportglobally recognized The embodiment of luxury and extravaganceis characterized not only by housing a five stars hotel Indoors but also to offer facilities such as Zen gardens, Outdoor swimming pool, sports clubAnd Cinemas.

Dubai International Airport tops the global rankings with a score of 83/100. (Reuters/Hamad Muhammad)

In addition, it has more than 70 Luxury hotels Within a radius of about five kilometers, which ensures travelers Exceptional stay. This airport, which receives 90 million passengers annually, received a luxury score of 83/100.

On the other hand, the Heathrow Airport in London, Europe's busiest, was just one point behind with a score of 82/100. he Heathrow Airport It is characterized by having a wide range of rooms and hosting most of them Luxury brands Recognized worldwide, allowing passengers Enjoy a premium shopping experience while waiting for your flight.

he Doha International Airport, which features its wave-inspired architecture and water themes, took third place with a luxurious score of 73/100. This airport represents about a third of the size of a city Dohaand its proximity to Four and five star hotelsin addition to the presence of Luxury brand stores how Hermes And the black Mountain.

Next on the list Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris And the Sydney International Airport They were also noted for their well-being, receiving scores of 66/100 and 61/100 respectively. while Paris It takes pride in its wide presence Luxury brands And a the hotel in the place, Sydney It impresses him High-end brands Available and the runway extends towards Botany BayPassengers advance Picturesque landing.

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