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The protagonists are business owners in various industries.

The magazine specializing in finance Forbes On Tuesday it published the annual ranking of a thousand millionaires and in that long list there are many Latin Americans, although the number is lower compared to 2020.

Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim He is the sixteenth richest in the world, with a fortune of fate $ 62.8 billionHe tops the list of 51 Latin Americans that were included this year on the list, according to EFE.

Salim, 81, and Honorary President of America Movil, ranks four on the list, as he ranked 12th in 2020, and despite his wealth increase since 2020 by about $ 10 billion in the 2021 ranking, he remained in the 16th place. Place.

By this 16th place, the Mexican businessman has fallen 11 places since 2019, when he ranked fifth, with a fortune of 64 billion.

However, Slim is the first of 51 Latins to appear on the list, among them those with Brazilian citizenship, who total 15.

However, since 2018, the number of Latinos with more than $ 1,000 million has decreased dramatically, as there were previously 89 people who were part of the prestigious list.

In second place among the richest Latinos Another Mexican, German Larry Motta Velasco, Who, along with his family, owns most of the largest copper mining company in his country, Grupo México, which has also entered under his leadership in the railway infrastructure and transportation business.

Since last year, Lara has climbed nearly 60 places on the list, going from 118th in 2020 to 61st in 2021, with a massive increase in his fortune, which went from $ 11,000 million to $ 11,000 million. 25.9 billion In one year, according to estimates Forbes.

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3rd Latina on the list Chili Iris Fontbona and Her Family, Who inherited the mining and beverage empire from her late husband, Andonico Luxic, who died in 2005 of cancer.

Fontbona and his sons control Antofagasta Plc, which owns Chile’s copper mines, and they also own majority stakes in Quiñenco, a Chilean conglomerate active in the banking, beer and manufacturing sectors.

The Chilean businesswoman’s wealth increased from 10.8 billion in 2020 to 23.3 billion in 2021, which is why she climbed 50 places last year, from 124 to 74.

Among the 200 richest people in the world, there is also a Mexican Ricardo Salinas Plego, At 166th place with 12900 million; Brazilian Marcel Hermann Teles, Of which $ 11,500 million ranks 191, and so is the Brazilian Jorge Mall Philho, That after doubling his fortune five times in one year, he was ranked 194 with a value of $ 11.3 billion.

In seventh place is the Colombian Luis Carlos Sarmiento, A banker and owner of a media such as a newspaper Time – In addition to other companies – which have $ 11,000 million.

Another Mexican followed, Alberto Pilares Gonzalez, 9.200 million dollars. His fortune comes from Industrias Peñoles, the second largest company in his country.

Among the Latinos who first appeared on the list stand out Brothers Saffra Brazilians, Ranked ninth in the region, and opened at No. 358 in the general table with $ 7,100 million

Juan Francisco Beekman Vidal, With 7,000 million he is one of the Latins also appearing on the list, at number 369. It is the 10th wealthy in the region.

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Other highlights below are the Argentinian Marcus Galbrain (440 on the list), co-founder and director of Mercado Libre, the richest tech-based company. It has 6,100 million.

President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, Also appears at the position 1,064 with a value of $ 2,900 million. While Gilherme Benchemol, Also from Brazil, is ranked 1205 with 2,600 million. (I)

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