These are the glasses found in the food sent to Luis Redondo, President of the National Congress

The food sent to Luis Redondo, president of the National Congress, contained easily identifiable pieces of transparent glass as part of the foreign bodies that allegedly tried to kill him.

The head of the executive’s dinner menu last Friday night, sent to his residence in Tegucigalpa by the National Congress catering company, was revealed by Salvador Nasrallah, the president’s designer.

Despite differences in the political sphere, the leader of the Salvadoran Party of Honduras (BSH) contacted Redondo first and inquired about his health.

Nasrallah clarified that Luis Redondo did not eat dinner because he was not hungry, but those who tried the food felt the mirror, the wife of the leader of the National Congress and his security chief.

Immediately, the relevant authorities were notified and they started the investigation process which is now confidential.

The incident was not made public until last Saturday morning, when it was covered exclusively by HCH Television. A few hours later, it was confirmed by Deputy Foreign Minister Tony Garcia, who also said that Luis Redondo had undergone a medical examination to rule out any damage to his body.

On Saturday afternoon, the Secretary of Defense issued an official statement confirming the attack against Redondo and launching an investigation that remains secret to this day.

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HCH Television exclusively accessed the photo showing the glass shards on the plate addressed to Luis Redondo, President of the National Congress.

Nasrallah points out that Mel Zelaya and Rixie Moncada were behind the attack on Redondo.

In addition to providing details on what happened to Luis Redondo, Salvador Nasrallah went further, insisting that former President Manuel Zelaya and Finance Minister Rixi Moncada may be interested in “getting out of the way” of the president of the assembly.

“What I think is that Mel Zelaya and Rixie Moncada want to take over the National Congress, they might have given Redondo a warning because of political dirt, even if he did everything they asked. ”, the head of PSH announced to HCH Television.

“When it comes to CAF’s approval, they (Mel and Moncada) told him to pay and Redondo objected to it, – this is my exemption – I told him because next time they can. A product that is not so obvious in another type of food. Give,” warned Nasrallah.

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