These are the functions of the Directorate of Government Strategy and Communications

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Chairman Louis Abinader formed the Directorate Government by creating the Directorate General of Communications (DICOM), Information, Analysis and Strategic Programming (DIAPE) and the Government Communications System, which eliminates the Directorate of Information and Directorate. Strategy and communication.

This organization will be under the charge of Homero Arcal Ficuro Gulamo.

According to Order 542-21, the functions of the Directorate of Government Strategy and Communications are as follows:

Planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating government strategy and communications; Explain the activities, actions, plans and plans of the executive branch; Facilitating government accountability communication; Integrate the government communications system.

Similarly, through the Government Communications Organization, the President’s communication strategy will coordinate with the Presidential Press Director and the Communications Directors of the various institutions and organs of executive power.

The crisis of executive power is related to managing communications, identifying and constantly monitoring important national, regional and international events of political importance, and maintaining the plans of the executive or conditions for democratic governance.

To systematically update the various databases of the executive branches of the President of the Republic and to provide the executive branch officials with continuous information on the origin and evolution of political events, as well as the executive branch activities related to them.

Analyze the status and evolution of executive power relations with society and distribute regular and specialized reports; Carry out special studies and management designs on a part of the national agenda and potential events for conflicts; Provide all relevant information to ensure maximum communication consistency in the administration of the President.

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Similarly, the Press Office of the President, created by Order 542-21, has the function of managing its President’s liaison activities and reporting on the activities of the President and his officials.

The new government telecommunications system includes the previous government telecommunications system (SICOM) and previous sectoral communication boxes.

The Directorate of Government Strategy and Communications integrates and transforms the former Directorate General (DICOM) and the Directorate of Information, Analysis and Strategic Programming (DIAPE).

The President’s Press Office replaces the Presidency Press and Information Office.

“The Directorate of Government Strategy and Communications considers staff, budget items and assets associated with previous organizations, for which it should coordinate with the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP), the Directorate General of Budget (DIGEPRES) and the Directorate General of National Assets, respectively,” the order said.

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