These are the 7 rarest iPhone accessories in the world and yes, you will want one too

Developers have been creative since the early days of the iPhone!

iPhone accessories do not go unnoticed

Apple offers many Accessories for our iPhoneBut it must be recognized Third Party Works, often surpasses a bitten apple. Of course, to achieve this they ditch the minimalist style that Apple prefers. As for whether it works or not, let’s say it’s debatable.

Today we have decided to share a list World’s rarest iPhone accessories, which was released during the first generation of the device. The presentation is done without emphasis, we invite you to go through and rearrange it according to your criteria.

Weird iPhone accessories that didn’t win

iPhone Hoodie

Two women's sweatshirts with iPhones inside

There are other ways to hide iPhone

For some, an iPhone deserves as much comfort and temperature protection as any human. What’s better than doing that A sweatshirt like any of us wears. This program offers clothes in iPhone size.

Belt for iPhone

A belt with an iPhone on the side

A companion to bring the iPhone closer

Carrying the mobile on the side of the body as a concept is a very useful idea for many people. however, This version is sensible We doubt it’s convenient.

iPhone case

Remote shaped case for iPhone

Iconic inspired iPhone accessories never go out of style

This is a game controller type case Compatible with iPhone 4/3GS/3G models and fourth-generation iPod touch. Of course they have a clear inspiration, and although many models have passed since then, at the time, users described it as a convenient accessory that didn’t need to block the speaker area of ​​the device.


An iPhone speaker is shaped like a phonograph

There was a real vintage speaker

While technology may take years to advance, Apple gave us a chance Sound quality ( fashion, other accessory makers have tried their hand. They had a good idea Combine one of the first innovations with the ability to record and reproduce sound with the smartphone of the moment.

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It was Created by designer Tristan Zimmerman. Without using external power or batteries, the phonophone boosted the audio output of standard headphones up to 55 decibels, or the maximum output of typical laptop speakers. And it consumes no power.

A portable iPhone holder

A hand-shaped accessory to hold the iPhone

A sub with no function you have to guess

This sub human body always proves to be a great inspiration. In the world of design, retention is not a metaphor, at least for the moment. Now, others are based on animated characters, but that alone is notable.


iPhone Pocket Bra

iPhone Pocket Bra

Joey had a bra The first bra with pockets and a design that allows you to carry your mobile phone discreetly, an ID and a key. The dress, created by Washington University students, was involved in a design patent application case that was finally settled in their favor. Though it didn’t get the expected success among iPhone users, Bra.

A base for golf enthusiasts

Golf-shaped dock for iPhone

A companion for golf lovers

This foundation Features real-looking grass and a golf ball. The connection for the iPhone is hidden in the grass and the power cable is on the back of the base. It was definitely a fascinating foundation for a certain audience.

Currently, Third-party creators continue to use their imaginations when designing products for the iPhone, as many companies make cases of all shapes and sizes for the iPhone 14. There are even more eccentric ones, such as the luxury company Caviar, which is inspired by luxury. Of course, unlike this list, they know how to sell their comic fantasy ending.

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