These are changes to the COVID-19 Prevention Guide for Schools in Puerto Rico

Starting this school semester, students in schools across the country will not only be able to wear cloth masks School officials should plan the use of stumbling and rotating start, end or lunch times.

Groups A and B will be divided to ensure physical distance and pet food will be provided.

These are some updates Department of Health Done to do Prevention Guide From COVID-19 In schools from Kindergarten (K) to 12th grade.

These recommendations apply to both public and private schools in the country.

In the recommendations, it is emphasized that teachers rotate during transitions between classes, not students. Also, improve ventilation in the classroom and ensure fresh air enters.

Over the past few weeks health workers have reportedly been in discussions with various departments of the education system about incorporating these activities in line with the realities of different communities.

“The new guideline emphasizes that the use of masks, distance and hygiene, proper ventilation and places that guarantee disinfection will continue to be the basis for the fight against COVID-19. In parallel, we continue to strengthen monitoring activities. We will continue to use trials to detect cases of COVID-19, joint ventures and new definitions for establishing explosions and isolation measures. Dr. Melissa MarzonChief Health Epidemiologist.

With regard to testing, it has been reported that there will be two strategies. One of them is aimed at increasing access to tests by the Epidemiological Research Organization through a program that includes medical laboratories around the island and public and private K-12 schools. Screening of randomized tests will also continue. To this end, the school community was reminded to provide an informed consent document this Monday or earlier.

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Regarding the vaccine, students between the ages of 5 and 11 were reminded to submit proof of vaccination by January 31st. Students 12 years of age or older must have a booster dose by February 15th. Both scenes require taking classes in person. The booster dose also applies to teaching staff, non-teaching staff and school contractors.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the definition of the vaccine has been updated to ensure that the isolated decision is “based on the most severe possible circumstances”.

Classes have already started for several weeks at the private level. Meanwhile, this Monday they will start under the public instruction system.

Here are the three most important changes:

Masks – Cloth masks alone will not be allowed to be used. However, a surgical mask covered with a cloth mask can be used. “With the emergence of new variants like Omigron, it offers more protection,” the Health report says.

Test Strategies – Regarding the two testing strategies, the agency highlights, “First, through a program aimed at increasing access to medical laboratories and public and private schools around the island for sources of epidemiological research. , Must have provided an informed approval document on or before 2022.

Vaccine – The guidelines have been simplified in accordance with current administrative directives applicable to the school system: (1) OE-2021-075 Evidence of immunization must be submitted by January 31, 2022, with the date of vaccination for children 5 to 11 years of age. Vaccine for students and staff 12 years of age or older. (2) OE-2021-082 Booster dose is required for faculty, non-faculty staff and contractors. (3) OE-2022-003, which includes the booster dose required to attend in person. This applies to students 12 years of age or older who must have received the booster dose from February 15.

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