The wife of Marco Antonio Solís raised the temperature by baring a plunging neckline

Singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solis He is taking his tour “El Buqui Mundial Tour 2023” to different corners of the world, thereby reuniting with his lifelong fans. The 63-year-old Mexican artist comes with the songs that gave the band its identity Bookies and those who consecrated him as a soloist in his extensive career.

Christy Solis and Marco Antonio Solis. Source: Instagram @cristy_solis

“El Buki” has a very busy schedule and in the coming days he will perform in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Mexicali, Ensenada and Cuernavaca. so, Marco Antonio Solis This will mark the end of his time in the US and the start of a tour of Mexico, although he will have commitments to fulfill in Spain and Switzerland before returning to North America. These performances can be appreciated through his Instagram account.

Christy Solis poses. Source: Instagram @cristy_solis

Marco Antonio Solís maintains a certain affinity with those who grew up with his songs and with those from different generations who for some reason came to relate to his lyrics. What the Mexican artist creates is what gives the mystique of his talent and has engraved his name in the world history of the musical scene since its inception. Bookies.

Christy Solis’ post on Instagram

Not only does “Bookie’s” life take place on stage, but in a completely private setting he enjoys the company of his wife, a former Cuban model. Christy Solis, he also had two daughters: Marla and Alison. They spend a lot of time together and are seen participating in different events or enjoying leisure trips.

In this Act, Christy Solis She has more than 306,000 followers on her Instagram account, the platform she chooses to share content about the outfits she chooses for every occasion, thus setting trends in the fashion world. But the wife Marco Antonio Solis She flaunts her beauty and toned body in which she incites sighs, raising the temperature with a plunging neckline, as she recently did in a video. The companion of the “bookie” seems to have stopped the passage of time and become a great inspiring muse for the poet of the century.

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