The WHO reports a 14% drop in global cases

(CNN) – For the week ended May 23, 4.1 million global Govt-19 cases were reported, down 14% from the previous week. World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO reported 84,000 new COVID-19 deaths worldwide, down 2% from the previous week.

The report noted that the biggest decline in new cases and deaths was in the European region. However, the WHO warns that global COVID-19 cases are high overall.

“Despite the global downturn over the past four weeks, COVID-19 cases and deaths are high, with a significant increase in many countries around the world,” the report said.

India has the highest number of new cases so far – 1,846,055 – down 23% from the previous week.

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Variations of Govit-19: What makes science so worrying 0:49

The report also cites research showing that P.1,617 variant Covid-19 vaccines may lose some ability to neutralize the virus.

“The evolution of the virus is expected, and the more SARS-CoV-2 circulates, the more likely it is to develop,” the WHO said.

The WHO underscores the importance of virus control measures to manage the spread of the virus.

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