The US opens the competition for the initial position at the target

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Dionisio Estrada: “The problem doesn’t just go through Oscar Jimenez”

Our expert joins the SportsCenter schedule to analyze the Azulcrema team’s problem.

Sources told ESPN that the team’s coaching staff had a major problem with Oscar Jimenez over his recent performance.

Mexico City — Starting goalkeeper position America Club airs after his performance Oscar Jimenez Against Pachuca, last weekend, at the Azteca Stadium.

Asulgremas will return to training this Tuesday and the process will begin to find out Oscar Jimenez is in the fold of the eagles. Sources commented ESPN The team’s coaching staff have a major problem with the goalkeeper due to his recent performances and are seriously considering giving him a chance. Luis MalaconNext Saturday against the Tigers at University Arena.

The same source pointed to the exasperation of strategists America with Oscar Jimenez He is coming off last week against Atlas; However, they decided to back him and keep him as the starter. Unrequited faith in commitment against Pachuca That could cost the Tigers an early job.

Oscar Jimenez cheered by American fans after defeat at home to Pachuca.Imago7

As of this Tuesday, the competition for the American destination is wide open and has significant potential Luis Malacon The goalkeeper could play his first minutes as an Eagles player after coming on at the start of league play 2023 endsStatus to be confirmed in coming days.

On the other hand, the mood in America After the defeat against Pachuca it was not good; Firstly, Tusos exposed a number of defensive shortcomings in a team led by Fernando Ortiz as they lost a year’s worth of unbeaten matches at the Azteca Stadium. of competition.

Aguilas will have a tough commitment against Tigres this Saturday in ‘Volcano’ before heading to the Clasico Nacional against Chivas as a visitor.

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