The US Energy Assistance Program helps pay utility costs

The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program offers residents free help paying their overdue bills. In this sense, not only homeowners may be eligible, but renters as well.

As stated by the entity, applications will be received before May 31, 2024. In addition, eligibility for the aforementioned program will depend on the size of the home and income level. Likewise, families who receive approval from the program will be notified immediately.

It is appropriate to note that the amounts of assistance to pay bills will depend on how the home services work. For example, the average initial profit is $500.00 and reaches a maximum of $1400.00.

However, one benefit of the program is that it will provide up to $600.00 in additional grants.

This will be for eligible residents who need assistance avoiding disconnections. In addition, there is also the situation of people who need to pay their bills to reconnect heating or electricity.

Who is eligible for the Energy Assistance Program?

There are several factors that determine eligibility for the program, such as the size of the home and the last three months of income.

Additionally, to receive bill payment financing, households of four must have a maximum income of $62,822.00 per year to qualify. This is what the Minnesota Department of Commerce expressed.

Meanwhile, to apply to the Minnesota Energy Assistance Program, you must follow certain steps that have been established previously.

The first thing is to provide all the names of family members, income and housing information. Finally, you must also provide your Social Security number and the names of companies that provide general home services.

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