The United States: Reforming American Democracy to Face China More Effectively, The White House – An International Strategy

A close advisor to US President Joe Biden said on Friday that the United States needs to reform its democracy to confront China more effectively and make it “pay the consequences of” its “aggressive” behavior.

The new US president’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, has confirmed the firmness the US government has shown so far, referring in some ways to the “continuity” of Donald Trump’s policy.

He said during a discussion with his predecessor Robert O’Brien, an advisor to the former Republican president, that “China is trying to prove that the Chinese model is better than the American model” on the basis of “imbalances and divisions in the United States.” Organized by the United States Institute of Peace.

Therefore, the first of the four pillars of US policy should be “reforming the basic foundations of our democracy”, whether it is “the democratic system itself” or “racial and economic” inequality.

“The second step is to acknowledge that we will be more effective” by acting “hand in hand with our democratic allies,” said Jake Sullivan.

He stressed that the United States and its allies in Europe and Asia represent “more than half of the global economy,” which gives them “the leverage necessary to achieve results” and “defend a number of principles against aggression” from China. , According Agerpres.

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