The United States lost to the Baroness: Juan Carlos Osorio Analysis of the first game of the era | South American Cup

Despite the many significant casualties for different reasons, USA coach Juan Carlos Osorio showed a different face as a coach who had to face Brazilian Atletico Barnes in Copa Sudamericana in Pereira.

Unfortunately, an act by Chile Rodrigo Urena that put his right hand on it did nothing for him by delivering the maximum penalty that Nico passed in the second half.

The Reds had some approaches, especially in the Air game, but they lacked the accuracy to beat goalkeeper Pento.

Osorio showed what his mark was, based his game on the pages to open a strong double block like the Brazil team.

As for FUTBOLRED, it was the first American game under the technical direction of Juan Carlos Osorio:

The title is low from the anteroom. Two players who were inactive this Tuesday due to FIFA approval – in the case of Matthias Pisano – served this week for the match, but finally they could not even be on the list: defenders Jorge Sekura and Elvis Mosquera.

Therefore, Osorio had to use those who were expelled from the Copenhagen Libertadores team stage, with the exception of those who came out as Duan Vergara, Rafael Carrascal, Jesus Cabrera, Deborah Combindo, Guillermo Murillo and Alder Rodriguez.

Promotes start-up. America was excited when they half crossed the court and came to Pento Stadium, especially with two visits from Adrian Ramos and a title from Kevin Andrade.

But, other than that, it was the team in its defense and midfield that controlled the Brazil attack well in the first half with Kevin Andrade, Marlon Torres, Pablo Artis, Luis Alejandro Boss and Rodrigo Urena.

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In filling it reduced the intensity. Unlike in other matches against the Brazilian rivals, the United States got off to a good start, however, not only did it reduce its production in the second half and allow Parennes to progress, but also developed other approaches that settle well with goalkeeper Joel Graderol.

Change names while flying. Osorio planned an idea with a few names, and had to change less than 24 hours for the game, before the news that Conmepol had approved FIFA approval. He had to use other players and the performance was weak.

An excellent goalkeeper. The Venezuelan Cretaceous took a vast advantage over the visiting team’s aspirations and saved at least three shots, one a free kick and the other a moving ball.

In the 27th minute of the second half, after Urana’s hand, only Niko was able to break it with a penalty.

Shallow Depth: The United States did this job well until the middle of the court, but has since shown that it has no power again. Santiago Moreno did not impress as much as he would have liked, Adrian Ramos was unable to lead twice, and the ship was wrecked until the moment when young Carlos Cortez Barrero was injured. And then the changes didn’t bring anything else.

Tuesday, July 20 (7:30 pm) will be the second phase at the Arena da Pixada Stadium in Curitiba, where the Reds will be strong in attack and focus on Paranense’s attack.

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