The United States has launched a program to combat climate change at the US Summit International

The fight against climate change will be the protagonist this Thursday Summit of the United States. US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are promoting a series of measures to tackle the climate crisis, create green jobs and strengthen energy security. The agenda comes with some concrete steps, however there are many again Common and long-term obligations as well as other things Discussed at the summit.

The United States seeks to promote a clean energy economy on the continent, promote trade and investment in the region, and enhance regional cooperation. Renewable energy for Latin America and the Caribbean (RELAC). The five new countries, along with current members of the RELAC, will reach the target of achieving 70% of the installed capacity for renewable energy generation in the region’s electricity sector by 2030. Through this site. The US idea is to finance RELAC’s technical cooperation and work with regional development banks, private financial institutions and other partners to raise additional resources.

Kamala Harris A senior US government official has said he will launch a US alliance with the Caribbean to tackle the climate crisis. It is about improving energy security and strengthening critical infrastructure and local economies to meet the climate challenge. The alliance, according to the same source, will be built around four pillars: improving access to funding for development; Facilitating growth and investment in clean energy projects; Improving local capabilities and deepening cooperation with Caribbean partners. Its purpose is to accomplish the objectives Paris Climate Agreement And this Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Of the United Nations.

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Regional development banks will play a key role in financing the large investments needed to meet the climate challenge. Given the commitment of Inter-American Development Bank, The Latin American Development Bank (CAF), the Caribbean Development Bank (BDC) and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) will provide up to $ 50,000 million (over ,000 46,000 million) over the next five years. In the field, the United States is promoting coordination with these companies to raise additional funds from the private sector and other sources. In addition, climate disasters such as hurricanes and floods will facilitate access to funding for countries in need of funding and make the criteria for delivery more flexible.

However, the Biden government insists that it is not just about money, it’s about helping to identify projects and providing the means and skills to get them started. The United States program also plans to train experts in climate change.


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To protect the Amazon, the United States will make a modest but firm commitment to Brazil, Colombia and Peru through the $ 12 million (மில்லியன் 11 million) Amazon Connect in the fight against deforestation. This includes deforestation associated with logging and raw material exploitation and greenhouse gas emissions related to agricultural supply chains, conservation of biodiversity, improving livelihoods and increasing resilience, climate change, according to the same source as the Python government.

“It’s not only about stopping deforestation, especially illegal logging and deforestation, but also about restoring forests and other ecosystems that are critical to achieving a net zero carbon emissions world by 2050,” said a senior member of the Biden administration. .

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