The United States has banned nine Ordega operators and the Ministry of Public Works

On Monday, November 15, the US Treasury Department approved nine operators for the Ordega regime, with Banks Superintendent Louis Angel Montenegro and Finance and Public Debt Deputy Secretary Jose Adrian Zavaria signing the agreements. And these portfolio agreements after the Minister Evan Agosta Approved in May 2020.

In addition, it imposes a ban on Energy Minister Salvador Manchester; Director of the National Energy Institute, Jose Castaneda; And Rodolfo Lopez, Cargo Dispatch Manager, National Electricity Transmission Company.

The sanctions include Mohamed Farara Lashdar, the son-in-law of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, the advisory minister and presidential representative to Africa, the Middle East and the Arab world.

Similarly, opponents, human rights defenders, journalists, businessmen and Nicaraguan activists, seven of them to the public ministry responsible for escalating alleged crimes against presidential candidates.

This is the longest list of recognized Ordega members issued by the United States Treasury, including three Ordega mayors: Shatrach Gelaton of Madagalpa; Francisco Valenzuela from Estelle and Leonidas Senteno from Ginodeca.

Restrictions on the economic machinery of the Ortega regime

Following the November 7 election mockery of these US sanctions, Daniel Ortega was re-elected for the fourth time in a row. Sanctions also apply to operators accused of human rights abuses and to the Nicaraguan banking and economic system.

The supervisor of the banks, Louis Angel Montenegro, was one of the strongest defenders of the dictatorship, and before 2019 he was the head of the General Regulator of the Republic. In arguments that allow it, the United States cites it Montenegro ordered banks to comply with a request from the Ministry of Public Works to provide and audit the financial information of thirty political leaders, civic leaders, independent professionals and 13 senior executives and businessmen within the framework of the 1055 Act. Businessmen, including seven presidential candidates who canceled Ortega from a political contest.

On the other hand, after the Minister, Deputy Minister of Finance Jose Adrian Zawaria is responsible for signing the contracts and agreements of this department. Evan Agosta Approved in May 2020. These agreements include agreements with the Central American Economic Coordinating Bank (CABEI), which have been awarded to the Ortega regime. More than $ 2,289 million – an average of $ 450 million a year – despite criticisms and demands for Ortega to stop its funding due to violent repression and the practice of police cracking down on human rights.

The sanctions include three officials from the energy sector of the Ortega regime. Chief among them: Energy and Mining Minister Salvador Manchel Under the management of the National Electricity Transmission Company (Enatrel), the trees of life in Managua glow, symbolizing the power of Vice President Rosario Murillo. In addition, the inventory distribution manager of the National Electricity Transmission Company, Rodolfo Lopez Gutierrez, and The Jose Antonio Castaneda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nicaraguan Energy Company (INE).

Mohamed Loster, the son-in-law of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, a former private secretary to Daniel Ortega, a corporate partner of Channel 13 (managed by the president’s children) and current ministerial adviser to Africa, the Middle East and the Arab world, has been admitted. , Who justified the Nicaraguan regime’s repression, said it existed “MercifullySome of the enemies were prosecuted as “traitors to the homeland.”

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Three Sandinista mayors remain on the list: San Sadrach Zeledón Rocha (Matagalpa), Francisco Valenzuela (Estelí) and Leonidas Celedón (Jinotega) were isolated in 2018 for their involvement in human rights abuses. The United States says Zeledón is directly involved. அடக்குமுறை; Senteno was ordered to place snipers to target protesters in Estelle from Valencuela’s office, and to organize against protesters.

Barriers to the Ministry of Public Works for attacking candidates

These restrictions include the Ministry of Public Works at the institutional level joining the police in the permitted establishments after the unleashed repression against the population in 2018. Confidential Balance An entire team He was committed to finding false allegations in support of false allegations against political prisoners.

The United States, however, recalled in its resolution that it was the Office of the Attorney General that laid the charges against the imprisoned presidential candidates: Cristiano Zamoro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiga, Juan Sebastian Zamoro, Miguel Mora, Mardo Myrina and Noel Vitare.

The United States has said it is responsible for detaining about 40 people, including civil society leaders, the private sector, students and journalists, since the end of May, describing the Ordega machine as a tool for politicization. Actions that disrupt democracy and institutions in the country.

The first U.S. sanctions after the election mockery

The new United States sanctions, officially announced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), contain the administration’s first response to the fraudulent vote on November 7, in which Daniel Ortega was re – elected for a fourth consecutive term without political competition. . In addition, it has a very long list of licensed operators, including 40 operators of the regime already approved by the United States.

“The Ortega regime uses laws and institutions to detain members of the political opposition and deprives Nicaraguans of the right to vote.” Under control Andrea M., Director of OFAC. Khaki believes his country is sending a message to Ortega and his inner circle in calls for reform of the Nicaraguan people and a return to democracy.

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