The UCLV at the forefront of science and innovation in the country

The exercise of the doctorate, said Díaz-Canel, has been a process of growth for all, as revolutionaries and as professionals. Photo: Alejandro Azcuy Domínguez.

The Marta Abreu de Las Villas Central University delivered this Friday in a solemn ceremony the Doctor of Science degrees to more than thirty professionals, including the First Secretary of the Communist Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

As explained by Osana Molerio Pérez, rector of the House of Higher Studies, in the last period, more than 50 doctors in specific sciences graduated there. Not even the adversity caused by COVID-19 could take that happiness away from us, he said, and in the face of complexities of different kinds, the impetuous advance of science has been imposed that refuses to stop its rhythm in the UCLV.

When intervening in the award ceremony, the rector stated that “in keeping with the multidisciplinarity that characterizes us, every year we check the diversity of knowledge that progresses through the 19 doctoral training programs that our University has.”

Of these, he added, four are certified, eight hold the status of excellence delivered by the National Accreditation Board of the Republic of Cuba, and four have obtained the Quality Award granted by the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association.

On this occasion, the University of Las Villas managed to graduate doctors in Education, Natural and Exact, Technical, Economic, Agricultural and Humanistic sciences. Of the new doctors, Molerio Pérez said, 23 are women, 10 belong to the business sector and five come from different nationalities.

Photo: Alejandro Azcuy Domínguez.

The UCLV, he said, as an innovative and developer institution continues in its efforts to increase the country’s scientific potential, for which it currently has 323 doctoral students, most of whom will complete their training in the next three years.

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On behalf of the graduates, the President of the Republic – who last March 23 discussed his thesis: “Government Management System based on Science and Innovation for sustainable development in Cuba” – thanked the University for the emotional, cult and transcendent act, which will remain in the memory of each one of us.

The president recognized the role played by the Ministry of Higher Education, which wisely in times of pandemic was able to reorder procedures to facilitate that scientific research and innovation did not stop when the country needed it so much.

It has done so, said Díaz-Canel, with the merit of not losing demand or rigor in the acts of defense of each of the doctoral theses.

The Head of State, graduated from the Central University in 1982, highlighted the human value of his colleagues who received the doctorate degree, the revolutionary commitment and participation in the effort to promote research that contributes to economic and social development to reach to the longed-for prosperity.

When the diversity of knowledge in which these investigations have been developed is observed, he affirmed, there is no doubt that the Marta Abreu de Las Villas Central University leads a robust doctoral program and is one of the education centers that is at the forefront in Cuba in relation to science and innovation.

It is evident, he added, the role of this University in our country, and fundamentally in the integral development of the province of Villa Clara.

Díaz-Canel did not overlook the indisputable role of tutors, the people who have guided us and in many cases made us see the light of the way to organize ideas; tutors who convinced us when it seemed that there were things that were not possible.

There was also in his voice words of praise for families, friends, those closest to us, who have had enormous patience in these years of intense work, They have supported us in everything, they have fertilized the ideas and they have been inspiration for each one of us.

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The exercise of the doctorate, said Díaz-Canel, has been a process of growth for all, as revolutionaries and as professionals. We have the honor and satisfaction of contributing, even with a grain of sand, to that effort that the country makes and needs to multiply in order to contribute to the solution of Cuba’s most pressing problems through scientific research and innovation.

The titles were awarded to about 35 professionals – others could not be there due to the epidemiological situation – was held in the famous theater of the University and it was up to the Minister of Higher Education, José Ramón Saborido Loidi, to give the desired certificates. It was the Ars Nova Ancient Music Ensemble and the Trovarroco Trio, of the best of Villa Clara art, who were in charge of granting the halo of excellence that distinguished the moment when the UCLV lived this Friday morning.

As there can be no time wasted in such decisive times for the nation, President Díaz-Canel took advantage of his few hours at Marta Abreu and before receiving his Doctorate Degree, he met with the team that develops there a receptor of handheld-based digital terrestrial television and associated software platform. Now it is a functional model, which at the end of the year will have a prototype that will be validated in a sample of 100 users.

How many things can we do in Cuba, said the President admiringly, convinced that much more can be done to achieve sovereignty.

(Taken from Presidency and Government of Cuba)

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