The TV presenter removes the producer from the entire broadcast

Unbelievable! A Television presenter Inside Peru He got angry and ran to his producer in the middle of the live broadcast!

was Andres HurtadoKnown for her live comedy, she ‘blew up’ on the show on Saturday 3 June, all because of a typo by her producer that left her looking bad in front of the beauty contestants.

What happened to remove him?

The limits of Hurtado’s patience enable a new version of the show ‘Sábado con Andrés’. ‘Miss Peru: The Pre’And when it came to the round of questions for the candidates, trouble struck.

The conductor read, “What do you consider your greatest means?”This confused the participant, who asked again: “Medium?”.

Hurtado repeated the question, but realized it was poorly asked, and that’s where the tempers flared.

“That’s right, what do you think is your best option or is the question wrong? Let’s see, production, it can be scary.”.

The driver got so angry that he fired the producer, a decision that took everyone by surprise.

“I’m the one showing the face, the contestants are in front, I’m asking you, otherwise I want you to step aside as the producer of ‘Saturday Andres’. Leave your status to a guy, okay?, Thanks. Sorry, here heads are immediately cut off, I can’t allow that. Finish the show and leave the job.”

Who is the producer of the show?

Jose Malpartida Apandia Andrés Hurtado is the name of the show’s producer, and the two have worked together in various phases of the comedian on television.

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