The Trump campaign raises funds from the Qilani press conference and uses Trump’s photo in the hospital

“Did you see the press conference of my law committee yesterday? They are spectacular,” the email read, discussing Giuliani and other members of the Trump campaign’s legal committee. Controlling conspiracy theories and lies More than 90 minutes before Thursday in front of reporters.
The campaign has sent more than 250 fundraising emails to supporters asking for money, as they continue to face unsubstantiated legal challenges in several states fighting the 2020 election results. President-elect Joe Biden wins 306 Election votes For Trump 232.

In the best axis of Friday’s request, the Trump-led PAC raised the issue of Trump’s share of the money going to Save America. Now, 75% of every contribution goes to saving America. It was reduced by 60% last week.

Just like CNN was before Announced, The first beneficiaries of Trump’s avalanche of fundraising demands are not review and legal accounts. The first cut of money Trump is raising will help finance his post-White House political career. Leading PACs can fund staff and travel, in addition to donations to other candidates. Politicians have great control over how they spend money on their chief PACs, and do not legally prohibit the use of money in these accounts for personal expenses.

A black-and-white photo in the email on Friday showed Trump sitting at a desk in the hospital as he recovered from a corona virus infection at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in October.

Campaign finance experts say Trump’s request for money may mislead donors and have not read the legal penalties that spell out how their contributions will be used.

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Under those terms, the first 75% of each contribution of up to $ 5,000 goes to Trump’s newly formed leadership PAC. The money will go into the campaign account only after that gateway is completed.

In addition, 25% of the funds go to the Republican National Committee’s operating account.

“Fundraising appeals give donors the appearance that their money will help them reconsider and support post-election lawsuits,” said Brendan Fischer, director of federal reform at the Campaign Law Center. “But really, every donor’s money goes to Trump’s loosely regulated post – election political vehicle.”

This report has been updated with additional reporting.

The report was co-authored by Dana Bosch and Betsy Klein.

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