The Treasury seizes the vehicles of businessman and influencer Christian Akront

After Department of Justice He filed tax evasion charges against the businessman Influencer George Christian Bautista Acrond, Known as Chris Acorned on social mediaThe Finance Department Bank accounts and two luxury vehicles in the 32-year-old’s name were seized Thursday: a 2021 Mercedes Benz G550 valued at $239,884 and a 2020 Lamborghini Urus bus valued at $349,599.

The Secretary of the Treasury, Francisco Pérez Alicia, posted on his Twitter account a photo of one of the vehicles parked in front of the agency’s headquarters in Old San Juan. Ensuring that the sector he leads is “responsive to the digital age of emerging markets”..

“A team of Internal Revenue agents and collection officers completed a preventive seizure of two vehicles and other personal property belonging to Chris Acornt due to the risk of asset forfeiture, with the intent of securing payment of the tax lien. While we recognize the defendant’s right to litigate his case through administrative avenues provided by the Treasury. These collection procedures are carried out. I should point out that Bautista Acorn is cooperating in the process”, the secretary added in a press release.

According to the agency, the preventive seizure was made at the businessman’s residence in Dorado, where Internal Revenue agents conducted an inventory and appraisal of various items in the accused’s custody.

“The accused cannot dispose of the restraining orders while they are in force”Parés Alicea warned.

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The official explained that the preventive seizure order is “very comprehensive” and covers physical cars and furniture, bank accounts, accounts in brokerage firms, electronic payment firms and others for events and ticket sales.

Bautista Akron was charged Not reporting more than $11 million in income and not paying $7.6 million to the Treasury Department million between 2017 and 2022.

The Ponce native businessman built his fortune as an expert in the forex exchange network and provided financial advice through his company, JetTrades LLC.

According to the Treasury and Justice Department investigation, Bautista Akront was not registered with the Unified Internal Revenue Service (SURI) and the payments he received came from sites such as PayPal, Evenbright and Stripe.

“Here we are not criminalizing economic success, the issue here is whether we are complying with our tax liability or not”Parés Alicea told a press conference yesterday.

In addition, the authority gave Bautista Acorn customers three weeks to report defaulters on their tax liability to the Treasury’s Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Bautista Acornt appeared before a judge yesterday Raisa Kazigas Campbell of the San Juan District Court found probable cause for her arrest. The man was released after posting a $100,000 bond. Imprisonment of three to eight years and fine of up to 20,000.

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