The televisa actress has suddenly decided to leave the country 5 months after her son-in-law went missing

Favorite actress Saracho’s FlorenceHe is famous for his participation in televisa soap operas like I love Juan Curendon, Rebelde, Dreams and Candy, Amor Bravo. Also, caused Concern among his followers on social networks By sending a statement declaring that He left Mexico with his family.

Because the actress has revealed this information Job commitments should be cancelled For this last minute reason.

“With my affection and love to all of you, and thanks for your concern for me and my family, we have decided to stay in the United States because of the insecurity in Mexico.” Indian.

And he added: “I appreciate all the outpourings of affection for us, we will always be good and united as a family. Saracho Flower”.

This November 9, Florencia will host a bazaar in Polanco to help pay for chemotherapies for children with cancer, but her sudden move has put her participation in the event on hold.

Why did Florencia de Saracho leave Mexico?

Televisa and actress who did not pursue her career He announced his retirement to devote himself to his family. Her three children and her husband He asked for help in June for his son-in-law’s disappearance.

“What I am about to tell you is very serious. If you know anything please ask: he is my nephew, he is my cousin-sister’s son, he is very close to me and missing”, he commented.

Although A Search tab By the Attorney General’s Office of the state of Sonora, the young man did not appear despite presenting himself. 100 thousand pesos prize To anyone who gave information about his whereabouts. However, it has not been found yet.

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