The Telegraph – NASA rover discovers two strange rocks on Mars

Perseverance, a NASA probe on Mars, found two rocks with patterns that caught the attention of those tracking the rover’s movements.

The image was captured at the end of August and has become the center of attention due to the shapes of the stones found, as one has the exact shape of a crab claw, while the other resembles a shark fin.

Other network users pointed out that one of the stones was shaped like a turtle’s head, speculating that it was unlikely to contain fossils of creatures that lived on Mars millions of years ago.

According to the RT news portal, “Though Mars is believed to have had rivers and lakes billions of years ago, there is no evidence that crustaceans, much less sharks, existed. Clearly, perseverative observation is another example of paretolia, a psychological phenomenon that involves associating certain random stimuli with the pattern of familiar objects.

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