The survey revealed that ChatGPT is displacing workers in the United States

ResumeBuilder.coman online resume building site, surveyed 1,000 business leaders in the US and found that 1 in 4 companies have already replaced workers with ChatGPTLanguage model-based chat system powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

With the advent of ChatGPT in November 2022, the question of how AI will affect jobs is high on many minds. A publicly accessible AI-powered chatbot has many capabilities, including the ability to Answer questions, create content, write code, and moresays the report.

The survey was conducted in February in the United States to find out How many companies are currently using or planning to use ChatGPT.

Main survey results:

49% of companies are currently using ChatGPT; 30% plan
– 48% of companies using ChatGPT say so Workers have been replaced
– 25% of companies are already using ChatGPT They saved more than $75,000
– 93% of existing users say so Plans to expand their use of ChatGPT
– 90% of business leaders say experience GPT chat It is a useful skill for job seekers

Of the companies currently using ChatGPT, 66% use it for writing code, while 58% use it for writing scripts/content creation, 57% for customer service and 52% for creating meeting summaries or documents.

Most companies also use ChatGPT to facilitate the recruitment process; 77% say it helps them write job descriptions, 66% write interview requests, and 65% answer applicants.

“There’s a lot of excitement around using ChatGPT,” said Stacey Haller, senior recruitment consultant. “Just as technology has evolved and replaced workers in recent decades, ChatGPT can affect the way we work. As with all new technologies, corporate use of ChatGPT will constantly evolve and we are only at the beginning.”

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In the future, ChatGPT may lead to more layoffs, according to business leaders. When asked if ChatGPT will cause any layoffs by the end of 2023, 33% of business leaders answered “definitely,” while 26% answered “probably.”

As this new technology pervades the workplace, workers definitely need to think about it How it might affect your current job responsibilities.

In this regard, Haller says: “Using this technology is definitely something employees and candidates will want to update. Job seekers should definitely add this skill if they have it on their resume, and employers should add it to their list of in-demand skills. Or they would prefer if it’s something they expect from the candidates. As we’ve seen throughout history, as technology evolves, workers’ skills must evolve and change.”

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