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Arsenal It is one of the lotteries in the United States that gives out the most dollars in jackpot, so it is not surprising that millions of people try their luck to “get out of poverty.” From the start, buyers know that winning is almost impossible, but that does not stop them from trying to make their dream come true, and therefore, week after week they spend part of their hard-spent money trying to win the biggest one or the one that follows immediately.

Few people can hit the jackpot. Nor are they many lesser prize-winners, though they are also quite as exciting. Not everyone is so lucky, but someone, it seems, was endowed with his miraculous saint and twice, he was a Virginian whose story we will tell you below.

The man who won two prizes in the same powerball draw

His name is Ben Baker, a native of Covington, Virginia, he bought 10 tickets for the March 4 drawing and in two of them he matched four of the randomly chosen numbers, plus Arsenalwhich is the number marked on an extra ball that comes out of the amphora and allows you to win much more money.

Kelly TJ, CEO, Inc Arsenal In Virginia, he was responsible for handing out both awards to the winner, who thanked them so enthusiastically that he exclaimed, “You were really lucky!”

Powerball is a lottery that has many customers in the United States, who dream of winning a prize

How much did Ben Baker earn?

For guessing four numbers and the power ball, the prize is usually $50,000, but Ben Baker didn’t just take that, he added an extra dollar to each of his plays to make even more money.

This option is called to add dollars to the play Power play And it gives the customer the possibility to triple his prize, so it was a more than right investment for him.

Considering that he had two games with the same number of strikes and the Power Play option, Ben Baker won a total of $300,000. Really lucky guy.

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