The star of public cultural management and its challenges at a meeting in Espacio La Granja

Espacio La Granja in the capital of Tenerife is the forum venue. / Give

Experts in various disciplines will meet next week at Santa Cruz from Tenerife To talk about general cultural policies. It will be in a remake of New models that are days oldThis time, it will focus on conversations and discussion Pending issues in times of urgency. The meeting takes place on Tuesdays in Espacio La Granja, in the afternoon, and is organized by Pedro Garcia Cabrera FoundationIn cooperation with Canary Institute for Cultural Development (ICDC). Forum is free entry to pre-register on the website of this space.

The meeting will discuss the challenge of sustainable culture as well as the right to culture, equity and inequality. they will face abbreviations imposed by the new hegemonic paradigms in the general intervention of culture. The speakers are Nicolas Barbieri, researcher at the Institute for Government and Public Policy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Lucia Vazquez, project coordinator at the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development, and Anía González Castinera, lawyer and expert in advising cultural projects and institutions.

The conference will be opened by the Regional Government’s Director-General for Research and Sustainable Development Coordination, David Padron, and will also be attended by the Director-General of Culture, Rubén Perez, as well as other experts who will introduce speakers, such as Cultural Director Martin Rivero, Advocate specialized in Culture Law Ana González de Leon and TEA Director, Jerónimo Cabrera.

With this new conference, emphasis is placed on the importance of alternative stories that focus their attention on aspects more relevant to developing their own agenda for useful content to the sector and its members than to imported discourses, alien to a complex system such as cultural. Retro-modernization that affects the artistic professions so much, institutional obliteration that creates shadow areas in addressing token public goods and extractive criteria are just some of the issues that will be addressed.

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The goal is to continue to advance in other ways to analyze and disseminate qualitative elements related to the more immediate future of cultural policies. In short, a meeting that brings together the crossroads that public institutions face in their relationship to the cultural system.

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