The Shiba Inu Company (SHIB) announces major updates to its Shibarium project

Important points:

  • Shiba Inu celebrates 1 million wallets and nearly 1 million transactions, highlighting its goal of maintaining Shibarium as an efficient Layer 2 network.
  • A browser hosted on Shibarium has been released, allowing the protocol team to focus on improvements while Blockscout takes care of browser functionality.
  • Add more tokens to Shiparium Bridge, plan to abandon BONE nodes, and strive to encourage development and innovation on the platform.

Developer Kaal Dhairya, a major player in the Shiba Inu Project (SHIB), shared a blog post today to update the community on several important developments in the project.

First off, congratulations to ShibArmy for achieving the significant milestone of 1 million wallets and close to 1 million transactions. Zahiriya emphasized its goal of keeping Shibarium as one of the fastest and cheapest Layer 2 networks.

One of the most notable updates is The hosted version of Blockscout Explorer is available on Shibariumscan. As known b “chiparium explorer”. This decision It will allow the protocol team to focus on network improvementswhile the Blockscout team ensures full blockchain explorer and indexing functionality.

Dhaheriya urged users to use this explorer to conduct their own investigations and check any new or existing smart contracts posted on the network. He also mentioned that they plan to promote projects built in Shiparium soon, which is why contract verification through Blockscout is essential.

Dhairya provided WBONE’s verified contract address and announced that several tokens had been linked to the bridge. These tokens, visible on the user interface, include USDT, USDC, DAI, WBTC, and xFUND.

The developer also revealed that they are working with several third-party bridges to facilitate interoperability of many other tokens on Shibarium. Moreover, they announced that they plan to drop the BONE contract within the week and will add more validators to the network.

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Finally, Dahria stated that the Shiba Inu team’s main focus in the future will be on innovation and building technologies on top of the Shibarium. He encouraged the community to develop Cheparium, saying he would be very proud if the next significant innovation was based on his platform.

These updates promise an exciting future for the Shiba Inu ecosystem and Shibarium as they continue to look for ways to move forward and grow in the crypto space.

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