The Senate held the Science and Education Meeting in Panama

The aim of the meeting was to present joint projects with regional organizations on cooperation in science and education in Panama

The Senate convened the Panamanian Science and Education Meeting.Roberto Barrios | Panama star

The National Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt) convened the Panama Science and Education Meeting for Regional Cooperation through Advanced Networking, targeting key players in the science, technology and innovation system.

The aim of the meeting was to present joint projects with regional organizations on cooperation in science and education in Panama.

The event was attended by deans and deputy deans of universities, representatives of public institutions, research and innovation centers, and public benefit associations.

Additionally, Director of International Cooperation and Academic Relations at RedClara and Director of Renata.

Milagro Maintiri, Director of Scientific Research and Technological Development, pointed out that social dynamics in the sixteenth century have changed with information and communication technologies and continuous communication, which benefits humanity and promotes the achievement of sustainable development goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization. Today, communication represents great opportunities for education, scientific and technological research, and regional and international cooperation to address common problems.”

National research and education networks are non-profit organizations that impartially link higher education institutions and research centers in a country with each other.

This organization allows, even without fully developed communication, to act as a common front in the face of collective problems and promotes the development of the country, by promoting the use of technology and inter-institutional and international relations in the research centers and universities of the country.

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RedClara is the regional network for Latin America connecting 11 national research and education networks in the region and with Europe and Africa, through Ella-link cable. It is a non-profit organization created to provide media dedicated to science and education, through national networks.

After more than a decade of work with the European Union, RedClara acquires and implements the BELLA project (Building Europe’s Link with Latin America) which, finally, in 2021, lights the first and only submarine cable from South America to Europe, which it expects to grow up to 8 points per second .

The event included a presentation on the contribution of the Renata Research and Education Network, from Colombia, to the challenges of communication and collaborative work of the Colombian national education and research ecosystem.

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